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A Thriving Congregation in Tel aviv ISRAEL

Lift up your head church is mainly aiming at winning souls and draw people and its members to Jesus Christ it being a Christian organization. We evangelize to non believers and other people of different religious groups of cults to accept our Savior Jesus Christ.


Since its inception Lift up your head church has gradually grown in membership from handful to hundreds and now positioned it self as one of the biggest churches in tel aviv and is now remarkably known for its generosity and tolerance towards refugees irrespective of the country and religion.

It has also raised a lot of hope to those that had been derailed and lost it and has nurtured  many young generations and sensitized in on purposes of life, given advise to the youth about marital issues and also general counseling to the people who have devastated condition.

The Church has managed to raise and helped more than 16,000 refugees by the grace of God in the previous times since its existence.

In the edification of raising,it has literally clothed and sheltered all refugees who come to the Church 

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